Progressive Mitochondrial Myopathy

Through a special collaborative partnership with NeuroSeriesLive and the National Organization for Rare Disorders, Inc, Mito University is pleased to offer another great educational opportunity. The following program will be LIVE on March 19, 2021 and available on-demand through March 19, 2022.

Date/Time: March 19, 2021 at 11:00 AM EST

Program Title: Progressive Myopathy: Could It Be a Genetic Mitochondrial Disease?

Program Description:

Because of its rarity, clinicians are unfamiliar with presentations of thymidine kinase 2 (TK2) deficiency and have a low index of suspicion for the disease when they encounter patients with progressive muscle weakness. However, a prompt diagnosis of this devastating mitochondrial disease is essential to ensure that patients receive team based appropriate care.

Join a multidisciplinary panel of experts to discuss the characteristic symptoms of mitochondrial diseases in infants, children, and adults, along with the documented spectrum of clinical and molecular manifestations of TK2 deficiency. Specific considerations will be given to the diagnostic work-up and how neurologists can utilize genetic testing as part of the diagnostic approach. This highly visual education will include photos and videos of real patients affected by the condition to ensure you return to your practice able to recognize and proactively account for possible mitochondrial syndromes.


  • Michio Hirano, MD, Columbia University Irving Medical Center, New York, NY
  • Marni J. Falk, MD, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA
  • Colleen Clarke-Muraresku, MS, LCGC, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA

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This activity is supported by an educational grant from Zogenix. 

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