Mito University (Mito U) is an exciting program developed to provide a central place to find up-to-date, peer-reviewed educational information with an eye toward improving patient care through continuing medical education.

The UMDF and the Mitochondrial Medicine Society (MMS) proudly joined forces in 2020 to produce video presentations, quick reference documents, and a resource library for health care professionals. Content for Mito U is sourced through the UMDF Mitochondrial Medicine Conferences, various medical meetings held throughout the year, and custom lectures created by expert thought leaders in the field of mitochondrial medicine.

We encourage you to explore Mito U and join us in the quest for knowledge and understanding of mitochondrial disease.

Brian T. Harman
President & CEO
United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation

Amel Karaa, MD
UMDF Scientific and Medical Advisory Board Chair
Mitochondrial Medicine Society
Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA

Sumit Parikh, MD
Mitochondrial Medicine Society
The Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH


Each year, UMDF hosts a Mitochondrial Medicine Conference to gather the best minds in mitochondrial medicine with the patients we serve. With nearly 700 attendees representing almost every state in the U.S. and more than 15 different countries, the Mitochondrial Medicine Conference is recognized as the world’s preeminent event for mitochondrial disease.

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The UMDF launched the virtual Bench-to-Bedside Seminar Series in August 2020.

Each month we bring the medical community together from around the globe to discuss mitochondrial medicine.

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Patient Care

The UMDF has patient resources and a Patient Concierge available to guide your patients through their journey.

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